Kieren Hawken

Kieren Hawken is an English author, Video Game Historian, author, and YouTuber. He has written for a huge amount of publications and websites as well as writing over 40 different video-game-related books.

Kieren has been writing about video games for over 15 years working for publications and websites such as RETRO, Pixel Nation, Atari User, What Culture, Hey Poor Player, GameSpew, Retro Fusion, and the award-winning Retro Gamer magazine. He has also appeared on the prime-time Sky News technology show Swipe as well numerous podcasts as both a guest and co-host.

His own popular YouTube channel, The Laird’s Lair, also features a wide range of different videos focused on the world of retro gaming.

With over 50 books to his name, Kieren is one of the most prolific writers and authors within the video game sector. He is also credited as a scriptwriter for numerous popular YouTube channels and as a contributing author on a host of books by other authors.

"I don’t think I’ve written anything special as such, but I do think I’ve covered a lot of formats that get neglected. For example, I’ve written books on the Atari ST, TurboGrafx-16, Atari 8-bit, Sega Saturn, ColecoVision, and Philips CD-i — all systems that seem to get ignored by most authors," says Kieren Hawken.

Hawken's first two print books — an A-Z of game reviews for the Atari 2600 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum — received a great response and sold out three times, so the publisher, Andrews UK, continues to release his new books.

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