Paul Tremblay

Paul Tremblay is the author of the forthcoming novel A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS (May 2015, William Morrow). His other novels include THE LITTLE SLEEP (Henry Holt), NO SLEEP TILL WONDERLAND (Henry Holt), SWALLOWING A DONKEY'S EYE (Chizine Publications), and the forthcoming YA novel FLOATING BOY AND THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T FLY (Oct. 2015, co-written with Stephen Graham Jones, as P. T. Jones). He is the author of the short story collections COMPOSITIONS FOR THE YOUNG AND OLD (Prime) and IN THE MEAN TIME (Chizine Publications). His essays and short fiction have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Five Chapters.com, and Best American Fantasy 3. He is the co-editor of four anthologies including CREATURES: Thirty Years of Monster Stories (with John Langan). Paul is the president of the board of directors for the Shirley Jackson Awards. He lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts, has a master's degree in Mathematics, and has no uvula. You can find him online at www.paultremblay.net.Paul is very truthful and declarative in his bios. He once gained three inches of height in a single twelve hour period, and he does not have a uvula. His second toe is longer than his big toe, and yes, on both feet. He has a master’s degree in mathematics, teaches AP Calculus, and once made twenty-seven three pointers in a row. He enjoys reading The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher aloud in a faux-British accent to his two children. He is also reading this bio aloud, now, with the same accent. He lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts and he is represented by Stephen Barbara, Foundry Literary + Media.


Verónica Murguíahas quoted2 years ago
“Are you good at keeping secrets, Merry?”

“I’m better than some.” I pause, then add, “More often than not, they keep me,” only because it sounds simultaneously mysterious and pithy.
Verónica Murguíahas quoted2 years ago
“Like, I didn’t know it until you came in here, but now that I see you and it and everyone else, I suddenly know that the red book in your lap has a Latin title and is called De Exorcismis et Supplicationibus Quibusdam. It’s a liturgical book—whatever that means—revised and published by the Vatican in 1999.
namjoons lasttiddiehas quoted2 years ago
I slink inside so that the front door is a whisper behind me


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👍Worth reading

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