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  • Soliloquios Literarioshas quotedlast year
    The longest-lived people in the world get an average of 10 percent of their total calories from protein. Our average is as high as 15 to 20 percent, and of course, if you’re on a high-protein diet—Atkins, Paleo, or the diets recommended by many of my colleagues, and formerly by me—that figure goes up to 40 or 50 percent.
  • Soliloquios Literarioshas quotedlast year
    For example, the German physiologist Dr. Carl von Voit studied the diets of late-nineteenth-century laborers and found that they ate about 118 grams of protein per day. Von Voit then made a couple of classic errors. He confused description with prescription, and he extrapolated from heavy laborers to the population at large. He assumed that the workers ate what their bodies needed, so therefore 118 grams of protein must be the optimal daily amount for everyone
  • Nickolay Ovchinnikovhas quotedlast year
    Like so many vital figures in British pop history, from Pete Townshend to Paul Weller, Bowie came from a blurry region of British society that encompasses the educated working class, the socially precarious petite bourgeoisie and what could be called the uncomfortably-off middle class, i.e. professional or office workers whose income didn’t quite match their aspirations.
  • Kejsi bishjahas quotedlast year
    “Be careful, Jessie,” I said. “All I can say is, if he did it to Mum, he can do it to you. The years are long. See how much he loves you in ten years’ time, see if he gives you everything he’s promised.”
  • Alinehas quoted2 years ago
    she’s land, and I’m drowning
  • Alinehas quoted2 years ago
    “I am delighted to have run into you, Jules.” He leans close, brings his mouth nearly to my ear. “More than you know.”


  • Alinehas quoted2 years ago
    intelligent eyes in a pale freckled face,


  • Alinehas quoted2 years ago
    Anger and grief surge through me, pushing down the fear as we roll into a moonlit garden.

    This whole section of her being taken to the palace is so dragged out... she's said that anger and grief surged 3 times, and boy her other thoughts are also not that interesting

  • Alinehas quoted2 years ago
    When I had tried to feed her my blood-iron, she couldn’t consume it; it re-formed and stuck in her throat. That was how she knew, finally, that I was the Alchemist, and not Ina.

    Girl I read that book not even a week ago, but go off I guess, give us the recap
    I never did like recaps, I fully believe that we should consume series one book immediately after the other

  • Alinehas quoted2 years ago
    So I slip out from under the covers.

    When did she get back under them ㅠ and b4 this how could she see his eyes if he was turned to the wall????? I'm so mad at this writing. This is a flaw that my man Victor Hugo would NEVER allow. I've only read one chapter of Les Miserables.

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