Joseph Samachson

Pseudonym:William MorrisonJoseph Samachson was born to David and Anna Samachson on October 13, 1906 in Trenton, New Jersey. He earned a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Yale at the age of 23. He was an Assistant Professor at the College of Medicine, University of Illinois. He also headed a laboratory in metabolic research at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Hines, Illinois.He wrote books for young people and He also wrote a number of science fiction works (under the pseudonym William Morrison), including two novels published in Startling Stories. He wrote the 1937 pulp title Murder of a Professor and short stories for a number of magazines, including Money from Heaven (1942).[2] He also penned a couple of Captain Future pulp novels c.1941-1942 (under the house name "Brett Sterling"), and had work appear in the science fiction magazine Galaxy.He is believed to have begun working for DC Comics in late 1942, working on comics scripts for characters notably including Batman. He also wrote scripts for comics and characters including Sandman, Green Arrow, Airwave and Robotman, as well as "a string of 17 science-fiction stories in 1955 and 1956".With his wife Dorothy Samachson, he wrote about theater ("Let's Meet the Theatre" and "The Dramatic Story of the Theatre"), music ("Masters of Music" and The Fabulous World of Opera), ballet, archeology (Good Digging) and a number of other titles, including Rome, a Rand McNally "Cities of the World" title.
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