Stephen Richards

STEPHEN RICHARDS, author, film director & producer, self help expert, also known as the Golden Pen, has had numerous books serialized in the national press and magazines, having authored well over 90 titles to date. As well as heading his own publishing house, Mirage Publishing, he has authored and co-authored numerous titles for other well-respected publishers as a sole author, co-author and ghost-writer.Has developed NAPS (Night Audio Programs)into a very creative way of manifesting.One of only two Master Cosmic Ordering Practitioners in the world, Stephen's TV credits include: Panorama, Tonight programme, Real Lives, BBC TV (and BBC TV digital Horizon channel), BBC and independent radio, Channel 4, Channel 5 TV and Independent TV.Independent film and TV companies regularly seek his advice, also having contributed to numerous newspaper and magazine features. Stephen is also dedicating his time to producing self-improvement products for the Wealth Angels Group ar www.wealth-angels.comAs well as being a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, he is also a qualified stress counsellor, and was once listed with the British Association of Counsellors’ Disaster Team, Family & Sexual Division and was also a Student Stress Counsellor. Having worked in the mental health industry in the past for a number of years has giving Stephen a grounding in the holistic side of life and helping others. Now concentrating on Mind, Body & Spirit books and audios, Stephen has dedicated himself to coaching mind power techniques and regularly runs courses and workshops. More details coming soon and can be found at:http://www.napsparadise.comHis success is solely through his self-development and use of Cosmic Ordering, for which he is ranked as one of the world’s top experts.http://www.napsparadise.comhtpp://www.cosmicordering.net is: #CosmicOrdering1 Ordering Newsletter Link:
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