Carl Gustav Jung

years of life: 26 July 1875 6 June 1961


Liamhas quoted2 years ago
We may think we have ourselves under control; yet a friend can easily tell us things about ourselves of which we have no knowledge.
MWENYA IIhas quoted8 months ago
like a bird circling a tree. At first, near the ground, it sees only a confusion of leaves and branches. Gradually, as it circles higher and higher, the recurring aspects of the tree form a wholeness and relate to their surroundings.
MWENYA IIhas quoted8 months ago
For another example, take the case of the Indian who, after a visit to England, told his friends at home that the English worship animals, because he had found eagles, lions, and oxen in old churches. He was not aware (nor are many Christians) that these animals are symbols of the Evangelists and are derived from the vision of Ezekiel, and that this in turn has an analogy to the Egyptian sun god Horus and his four sons.
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