Niall McLaren

Niall (Jock) McLaren is an Australian psychiatrist with long experience in remote area psychiatry in the far north of the country. He graduated in psychiatry in
Western Australia in 1977 and, while working in the state prison psychiatric service, began training in philosophy. He was interested in finding the correct
theoretical basis for a "scientific" theory for psychotherapy. This has led him to the conclusion that modern psychiatry fails as science because it has no
agreed model of mental disorder. To fill the theoretical gap, he has developed a dualist model of mind, based in the the work of the mathematicians
Alan Turing and Claude Shannon. This work, now known as the biocognitive theory of mind, produced a general theory of mind for psychiatry. It generates a
formal model of mental disorder as a primary psychological disturbance in a healthy brain, and predicts that mental disorder is not due to
"chemical imbalances of the brain." It challenges orthodox psychiatry on many points but is emphatically not a new sort of "antipsychiatry"
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