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Anthony Jacks

  • Muhammed Rinanhas quotedlast year
    Getting the best deal
    You dont get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.
  • Belle Strangerhas quoted10 months ago
    deploy a technique that can work positively
  • Belle Strangerhas quoted10 months ago
    the best deal.
  • b9798601896has quoted4 months ago
    You don’t get what you deserve; you get what you negotiate.’
  • sabinamustafayeva557has quoted6 months ago
    The win-win concept
  • sabinamustafayeva557has quoted5 months ago
    “What if...?” questions; that is a specific aspect of negotiation, the process where adjustments are made by making suggestions that offer new ways of rebalancing matters – “What if ... I do this and you then accept (or do) that?” Complex negotiations involve a good deal of this. “What if ...” questions lead the way to successful trading.
  • sabinamustafayeva557has quoted5 months ago
    2. Optimise or minimise every concession
  • sabinamustafayeva557has quoted5 months ago
    Exaggerating, but maintaining credibility. Do not overstate and, if possible, provide evidence. “Well, I could do that but it will involve me in at least twice as much work. I have just been through ...”
  • sabinamustafayeva557has quoted5 months ago
    Referring to a major problem which your concession will solve. “I suppose, if I was to agree that, it would remove the need for you to ...”
  • sabinamustafayeva557has quoted5 months ago
    Implying that you are making an exceptional concession. “I would never normally do this, but ...”
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