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Irina Phas quotedlast year
There is just something about going into a home or going to a gathering and getting to enjoy some tasty food with others you love. You can share stories, get your stomach full and happy, and just enjoy life together. Add in a little bit of music and some lower candlelight to this mixture, and you will find that it is an experience like no other.
Irina Phas quotedlast year
Always be yourself

When you are practicing Hygge, you need to learn how to truly be yourself. This process is not going to work if you are trying to be someone else because no one can really be happy with acting this way. If you are spending your time not showing people who you really are, or pretending that you are someone else, you will find that it is pretty impossible to be comfortable with others you are hanging around with.
Irina Phas quotedlast year
you are truly looking to add some more Hygge to your life, you need to remember that work is not the most important thing and that it should never take up your whole life.


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