Victoria Aveyard

    Tabihas quoted2 years ago
    In the fairy tales, the poor girl smiles when she becomes a princess. Right now, I don’t know if I’ll ever smile again
    b0350863169has quoted2 years ago
    The palace itself is known as the Hall of the Sun, and it’s supposed to be a marvel, but I’ve never seen it. I don’t know why the royals have a second house, especially since the capital palace is so fine and beautiful. But like all Silvers, they don’t act out of need. They are driven by want. And what they want, they get.
    b0350863169has quoted2 years ago
    metal box is cool to the touch, having long lost the heat of electricity. But there are vibrations still, deep in the mechanism, waiting to be switched back on. I lose myself in trying to find the electricity, to bring it back and prove that even one small thing can go right in a world so wrong. Something sharp meets my fingertips, making my body jolt. An exposed wire or faulty switch, I tell myself. It feels like a pinprick, like a needle spiking in my nerves, but the pain never follows.
    Gabriela Oliverhas quoted2 years ago
    of it darken seemingly at will
    Gabriela Oliverhas quoted2 years ago
    “We are the Scarlet Guard and we stand for the freedom and equality of all people—,” the woman says.
    ailen arroyohas quoted2 years ago
    You are pretending to be raised Red, but you’re Silver by blood. You are now Red in the head, Silver in the heart.
    Tabihas quoted2 years ago
    “You’re grouchier than usual.”

    “I just hate these things.”

    “I know,” he murmurs, solemn for once.
    Tabihas quoted2 years ago
    “Somewhere safe from the Silvers. That’s all.”

    Farley blinks at me, her expression unchanging. “Safety has a price, girl.”

    “Everything has a price, girl,” I fire back
    Tabihas quoted2 years ago
    “Gisa. Wake up.” I do not whisper. The girl sleeps like the dead. “Gisa.”

    She shifts and groans into her pillow. “Sometimes I want to kill you,” she grumbles.

    “How sweet. Now wake up!”
    Tabihas quoted2 years ago
    Usually chaos is my best friend
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