David Cameron

David Cameron is a Family Physician in Lakewood, WA, who takes care of the whole family, delivering babies by night and treating adults and kids in the clinic by day. Serving as Clinical Faculty for the University of Washington, David trains medical students and residents in Family Medicine. He has managed the largest medical clinic for Community Health Care in Pierce County, an organization that prioritizes bringing affordable health care to under-served and under-insured patients. Integrating health expertise with his Christian faith, he speaks at churches and community organizations, often co-leading seminars with Sonya.Sonya Cameron is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an Adjunct Professor for Life Pacific College. Her work includes writing, teaching and consulting. She has served in various counseling, social work and ministry roles. This has enabled her to glean a broad perspective on health. As a public speaker, Sonya presents professional development workshops to counselors and lay leaders, and she offers seminars to various community groups and churches. Her writing has been featured in the professional counseling publication of the Washington State Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and she has received recognition by her colleagues for her clinical research and writing on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. "
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