A.L. Jackson


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I struggled to adjust to the perfect feel of him while he frantically wrapped me in his arms.

“Gonna be right,” he whispered, brushing back the wet hair matted to my face.

“You already are,” I whispered back.

This beautiful, terrifying man.

The one I gave my heart.

My body.

My belief.

Because loving someone was worth the risk.

We didn’t know our days and we couldn’t control our histories.

But we had here. We had now. And every one of those minutes would belong to Trent Lawson and his son.

* * *

“Thank you.” Massive arms squeezed me tight.

A crush of affection and gratitude crested from the burly, brute of a man as Jud hugged me against his giant frame.

His words came as a low, tight murmur at my ear. “Thank you for fightin’ for him. For Gage. For saving him. Fuck…for saving all of us, really. You crazy, brave girl.” The last was a tease. An admonition.

I’d gotten lectured for about an hour straight by Logan and Jud not to ever do something so reckless again. I told them I prayed we’d never be back in that position.

But the truth was, I didn’t regret it. Would do it all over again. A hundred times over.

I squeezed him back just as fiercely as he hugged me. “We fight for the ones we love.”

His nod was slow. “And you see him for who he really is.”

I tightened my hold.

A promise.

I did.

I saw Trent for who he was, and I’d love him through it all, no matter what it meant.

Jud peeled himself back then strode over to where Trent waited by the door. The fortress of a man overcome. It was clear he was dealing with his own demons right then.

Jud squeezed Trent’s shoulder.

Trent gave him a tight dip of his chin.

The two were immersed in a silent conversation. Silent understanding.
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I may be terrified of flying, but I can fight like a pro and refuse to be a damsel in distress.
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What I don’t understand is why I’m feeling strangely protective of her. I know the little kitten can take care of herself—she’s unapologetically vicious. But I also know what it’s like to be young and abandoned by a parent, to be handed over and forgotten.


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