Fabio Alessandro Locati

Fabio Alessandro Locati is an Italian IT external consultant. His main areas of expertise are Linux, networking, security, data centers, and OpenStack. With more than 10 years of working experience in this field, he has experienced different IT roles, technologies, and languages. Fabio has worked for many different companies, starting from a one-man company to huge companies such as Tech Data and Samsung. This has allowed him to consider various technologies from different points of view, helping him develop critical thinking and understand whether a particular technology is the correct one in a very short span of time.
Since he is always looking for better technologies, he also tries new technologies to see their advantages over the old ones. Two of the most important things Fabio evaluates in a technology are its internal security and the possibility of additional security through configuration or interaction with the other technologies. For virtualization, he often uses OpenStack due to its power and simplicity, ever since he first tried it in 2011. Fabio has used OpenStack for the public-facing cloud, as well as the internal clouds.


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