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I'm an author of romance and new adult novels. I'm a lover of good food, wine and books and I'm hopelessly addicted to Dexter, Californication, Sherlock and Big Bang Theory. If you want to be notified of new releases and cover reveals, AND get the occasional bonus, then you should sign up for myNewsletter!

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Виктория Светличенкоhas quoted2 years ago
“I won’t hit you again, Matteo,” I ground out, though the words tasted foul in my mouth. “I shouldn’t have done it.”

Both men turned to me in surprise. Matteo relaxed his stance. Luca didn’t.

“I’m sorry if I hurt or scared you,” Matteo said. I couldn’t tell if he meant it or not. He had the emotionless mask down just like his brother.

“You didn’t.”
b0099095315has quoted4 months ago
I shifted away from his hand that had moved on from my hair to my throat.
katarinajokiichas quoted2 years ago
“Always,” Luca said.


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    Cora Reilly
    By Frenzy I Ruin
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    Cora Reilly
    Sweet Temptation
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