Yeeun Cho

Yeeun Cho is a South Korean fiction writer known for her horror thrillers. Her debut short story, Overlap Knife, Knife, was adapted into a KBS drama in 2023. She won the Excellence Prize at the 2nd Goldenbough Time Leap Fiction Contest and the Grand Prize at the 4th Kyobo Story Contest.

Cho studied metalwork in college. Her literary debut occurred when she won the Excellence Prize in a contest hosted by the publishing house Hwanggeumgaji. Her notable works include Cocktails, Love and Zombies (2020), Shift,  Snowball Drive, Tropical Night, Waiting for High Tide, Teddy Bears Never Die (2023), and several short stories.

In an interview, Cho mentioned that although she finds Hannibal an entertaining drama, she does not perceive it as particularly brutal, suggesting a high threshold for graphic content.

New Seoul Park Jelly Vendor Massacre (2019) is set in New Seoul Park, Korea's theme park. An enigmatic man tempts visitors with a mysterious jelly candy, promising an unbreakable bond. On a hot summer afternoon, various characters—a child separated from her disinterested parents, a single mother on a tight budget, and a couple on the brink of splitting up—consume this ominous candy. Unbeknownst to them, a sinister force lies beneath the innocent facade. The story's sweetness soon turns grotesque, with the jelly becoming the catalyst for a sticky, sweet massacre.

New Seoul Park Jelly Vendor Massacre explores themes of deceptive sweetness and body horror, vividly portraying the horror of melting into loved ones. Masterfully translated by Yewon Jung, the book weaves a chilling tale that has captivated readers and is in the process of being made into a film in the United States.

Since its release in 2020, Cocktails, Love, and Zombies has sold more than 80,000 copies and has been exported to Japan, China, and Taiwan.

Her unique voice and compelling narratives have garnered a dedicated following, particularly among young female readers who affectionately refer to her literary world as Yeeun's World.

Yeeun Cho lives in South Korea.
years of life: 1993 present


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