Haidi Wigger Klaris

Haidi Wigger Klaris is a Danish fantasy author known for her paranormal and supernatural narratives. Initially trained as a medical secretary, Klaris transitioned from the medical field to the literary world, where she has made a significant impact with her fantasy series. Her work includes the well-received "Dæmonherskerens arving" series, later published in English as The Heir to the Demon Ruler (2020).

Klaris grew up in Albertslund. Her passion for writing reignited during maternity leave, leading to her debut in the fantasy genre. After years of refining her craft, her manuscript for "Skyggernes Bog" was accepted by Tellerup in 2014, marking the start of her professional writing career. Klaris draws inspiration from the paranormal, a personal interest reflected in her stories.

Her debut series, which began with "Skyggernes Bog" in 2015, has been recognized by Dansk Fantasy, highlighting its focus on boarding schools. The English translation of her series, The Heir to the Demon Ruler, includes The Book of Shadows (2020), The Call of Destiny (2020), and The Price of the Soul (2020).

Her bibliography includes titles like "Åndehvisken" (2018) and the "Sort måne" series, with the latest installment, "Blodvalg," released in 2023.

Besides writing, she co-hosts the podcast 'Tusmørketimen,' adding to her diverse creative portfolio.

Haidi Wigger Klaris now resides in Køge with her family.

Photo credit: www.haidiwiggerklaris.dk
years of life: 1972 present


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