Tina Welling

Tina Welling

An interviewer asked me recently during a live radio show what my most exciting moment has been as an author. He gave some examples: seeing my books on the shelf of a bookstore, perhaps spotting someone reading one of them. I thought only a second before telling him that the most exciting moment for me happens when I'm all alone writing and suddenly hit on an insight that opens up new understanding for me or when two ideas come together to form a brand new idea.The outer events are nice, quite satisfying, yet the inner events are why I really write.And the best thing about being published? That's when I hear from a reader and together we create an exchange between us. I love that incredible intimacy that occurs when two strangers - one writing, one reading - connect and form a complete circle. That's a big highlight for me.I'd love to hear from you. Contact me here or by email Tina@TinaWelling.com.
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