Selma Dabbagh

Selma Dabbagh is a British Palestinian writer of fiction based in London. Her short stories have been included in a number of anthologies including those published by Granta and the British Council. She was English PEN’s nominee for International PEN’s David TK Wong Award 2005 and has won and been nominated for various international short story awards. Her first novel Out of It (Bloomsbury, December 2011) that follows the lives of the children of the former exiled leadership who returned to Gaza with the peace deals of the 1990s was recently published to widespread acclaim and reviewed positively by The Independent, the Guardian, The Independent on Sunday, the Daily Mirror, the Times Literary Supplement as well as other British and Middle Eastern newspapers with The Times describing it as “A punchy first novel… beautifully observed… the plot races and the voices are strong.” Dabbagh has lived in various Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain and the West Bank. She has recently been working on the script and dialogue for a fiction feature film by the Director Azza el Hassan.سلمى الدباغ: كاتبة فلسطينية- بريطانية تعيش في لندن. نشرت قصصها القصيرة في عدد من الكتب ورشحت لجائزة "International PEN David TK Wong"وجائزة "Pushcart" . نشرت قصصها القصيرة ضمن مختارات قصصية صدرت عن مجموعة Granta «جرانتا» و International PEN «منظمة القلم الدولية». تعد «خارج غزة» روايتها الأولى.
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