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  • Andreea Elenahas quotedlast year
    “You can never go wrong praising a writer for his writing.” Gualeschi blinked with amusement behind his glasses.

    “But everyone must praise you, all the time.”

    “Not enough for my satisfaction, or with sufficient specificity. My mother thinks my apartment is too big, but I fill it with my ego.”
  • namouchinourelhouda57has quoted3 months ago
    layer upon layer
  • namouchinourelhouda57has quoted3 months ago
    Elegantly written and utterly chilling. A dark and twisting novel of psychological suspense that will have you turning pages and checking your locks’ Emma Viskic, author of Those Who Perish
  • namouchinourelhouda57has quoted3 months ago
    tender and wise as well as pulse-poundingly tense’ Anna Downes, author of The Safe Place
  • namouchinourelhouda57has quoted2 months ago
    love’ Amy Suiter Clarke, author of Girl, 11
  • ngwenyos7has quoted2 months ago
    in mud. Everything about her screams
  • Anna Hrechkohas quotedlast month
    I might die exhausted, penniless and in pain but at least I’d die fit and lean. If it was an open-casket funeral people would say, ‘She’s looking good, so slim.’
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