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ccomplishment as “Ivenes” Far Excelled her normal conscious state!
Jung concluded that split-off contents of the unconscious could therefore appear either as another human personality in the form of hallucinations, or they could take control of the conscious mind, as happened during the séances. The unconscious was capable of compensating conscious attitudes, which implied that there was an intentionality and purpose in its creations
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Most psychiatrists believed schizophrenia was a degenerative disease of the brain, purely neurological or organic in origin. Bleuler attempted to prevent the disease from becoming chronic by the intensive care of patients during its early stages. Bleuler achieved many remarkable cures and was also openly sympathetic to Freud’s investigations into the unconscious and the psychogenetic formation of mental disturbances.
Under the direction of Bleuler, Jung continued this research and further developed the word association tests.
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The irregularities in the reaction times and word associations were connected with unconscious emotions which clustered to form a complex. Jung was able to distinguish different types of complexes and varied origins.
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