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Danielle Devlin

  • alyzza judihas quoted6 months ago
    I looked at Jenny, remembering her in her crib, the way her fingers played in mine, the way her cheek lay hot on my skin. I wished I had the power to give her safe passage through this life, but truth is, it would have taken a real witch to do that
  • Валентинhas quoted7 months ago
    Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful.’

  • nyxhas quoted7 months ago
    plifying the voices of underrepresented writers. She now lives in County Durham with her daughter, Molly, and a host of four-legged family members
  • alyzza judihas quoted6 months ago
    It boiled and it raged until the rocks wept and the dawn cursed
  • alyzza judihas quoted6 months ago
    He hadn’t believed them on his first crossing, but now . . . now there could be no other explanation.

    ‘This is the work of witches.’
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