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the same thought would make absolutely no impression upon one man, while it would be received with amazement and delight by another. The first man has formed no brain cells capable of receiving it. The second man is ready
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vibrations. This is not only true in the mental and spiritual world but in the physical world. As the ear becomes trained in music it is enabled to receive finer vibrations, until the trained musician can hear harmonies of sound which the ordinary person is entirely unaware.
We do not need to laboriously shovel the darkness out of a room before letting in the light. All that is necessary is to turn on the light and the darkness vanishes. As you progress through the lessons, follow the instructions and master the exercises you will begin to show the characteristic signs of a general Awakening. You will find optimism shining through the mist of doubt and unrest. This optimism is taking the form of illumination, as the illumination becomes general, fear, anger, doubt, selfishness, and greed pass away. You will be anticipating a more general realization of the Truth, which will set you free.
With The Master Key System, you don’t have to read hundreds of books… just one! Now, for the first time since Charles Haanel first introduced this enlightening home study course material, you can now study it the way it was originally intended and distributed: one lesson per week.
In addition to the complete 24 part Master Key System
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you will have sections


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