Kelly Quindlen

    Mariahas quoted10 months ago
    Please. Please can you make it stop hurting it hurts so badly. I don’t want it. It hurts and I don’t want it. I’m trying to make it go away. Please, just make it go away, just make it go away.
    But there’s an ancient voice deep inside of her that knows it will never go away, no matter what she does or how hard she prays.
    🛐🛐🛐has quotedlast year
    “I hurt you,” Baker cries. “I hurt the one person I love more than anyone else in the world.”
    🛐🛐🛐has quotedlast year
    like Einstein said: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result.”
    🛐🛐🛐has quotedlast year
    Sometimes we lie because we have to take care of ourselves first.”
    🛐🛐🛐has quotedlast year
    “I think saying what you’re afraid of makes you brave.”
    🛐🛐🛐has quotedlast year
    I think being friends with someone should be like the concept of infinity—like you truly believe that person has no limits, and you just want to keep counting upward with them to see where they go.
    🛐🛐🛐has quotedlast month
    There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re doing just fine.”
    🛐🛐🛐has quotedlast month
    There’s nothing to be scared of.”
    Victoria Gohas quotedlast year
    I want to know she understands how it feels to be falling in new love and bleeding from old love at the same time
    badrevolutionhas quoted10 months ago
    I remember feeling like I was both too much and not enough.
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