Angela Gascoigne

I was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England in 1965. In 2004 I re-located to West Cork, Ireland with my husband and three sons. This is when my love for writing began with keeping a journal of my new life in Ireland. I moved on to writing my first short story and haven't stopped writing since! I have five e books for Kindle published and available on Amazon and other sites: No Place Like Home, a short story collection. Planet Poultry where dreams come true, a novella based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Angel of The Willows and Soup,both full-length novels in the romance/chic lit genre. My new book, A Little Bit of Me Short Stories and Other Scribbles is out now. I am currently working on a new novella.LINKS TO SAMPLE,PURCHASE AND REVIEW MY BOOKSAMAZON.CO.UK BEEZEEBOOKShttp://beezeebooks.comASK DAVID


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