Jim Robbins

Jim Robbins is a frequent contributor to the science section of the New York Times. He has written for Vanity Fair,Sunday Times, Scientific American, Discover, Psychology Today and numerous other magazines. He lives in 20 acres of woods in Helena, Montana.




Edilia Rmzhas quotedlast year
We have not been informed that our bodies tend to do what they are told if we know how to tell them.
—Elmer Green
Edilia Rmzhas quotedlast year
The 1-to-4-hertz range is called delta and occurs during sleep and some comas. Theta is the 4-to-8-hertz range. It's called the hypnogogic state and is a kind of consciousness twilight that occurs between being deeply relaxed and sleeping
Edilia Rmzhas quotedlast year
alpha range, which is a relaxed but awake state, from 8 to 12 hertz. He also named the beta range, from 13 to around 30 hertz, which is the range of normal waking consciousness
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