Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson, "America's Animal Communicator," brings you right into the hearts and minds of the animals in her new book, "Hear All Creatures". Although her abilities were revealed to her in early childhood, she perfected her skills through years of practice and determination. The animals with whom she communicates are her primary teachers and she continually draws upon their wisdom to gain a deeper knowledge of her craft. Now Karen is able to connect with animals both living or deceased, bringing messages of love, forgiveness and much needed healing. Mastering her intuitive skills as a Deputy Sheriff, Karen learned to trust her inner voice as she encountered life-threatening situations while on patrol. With special training in Domestic Violence and victims of abuse, Karen draws upon these skills to assist animals in need. A member of animal rescues since 1999, Karen has spent countless volunteer hours counseling and mending the broken souls of hundreds of animals. As the current president of the FPCA, a non profit animal rescue group, Karen is active in spay/neuter education and feral cat T/N/R, Trap, neuter, return.Karen now travels the world lecturing, teaching workshops and sharing her passion for this work with others. Karen lives and works in Elk, Washington, where she continues to be a voice and advocate for all creatures. Hear all Creatures! The Journey of an Animal Communicator is Karen's first book. Karen offers many different teleclasses and if you missed one don't worry they are downloadable. Just check the website under Events for more info.The only book I have written is "Hear All Creatures" I did not write the other books listed below, that is another Karen Anderson"


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