Willow Winters



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isn’t it?” Griffin’s question comes with the hollow thunk of his empty glass hitting the bar-height table in the back corner of the brewery. “The best
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My eyes widen as the Dom tugs slightly, and the leash pulls at the collar around her throat. The Submissive tumbles forward slightly and the man catches her, pulling her into his hard chest and whispering into her ear. She smiles against his suit jacket as he chuckles and she nods her head slightly, looking up at him and responding with a soft, “Yes, sir,” to whatever he’s said.

He releases her and walks easily to a table where another man is already sitting.

The seated man, a tall blond, is eyeing the Dom’s Sub with intense interest, his legs planted out wide. He mutters something to the Sub, and she blushes at whatever it is.

“Answer him,” I hear the Dom command, looking at his Submissive with a heated gaze.

The Sub looks hesitant, although lust is easily read on her face before uttering something too low for me to hear and nodding slightly. At this, the Dom takes a seat at the table next to the blond man, and pulls his Sub into his lap, spreading her legs out wide and placing the balls of her bare feet on the leather-covered bench on either side of his thighs. The blond man moves in close and lowers the top of the Sub’s dress, taking out her right breast. My lips part in disbelief. I watch as he takes her nipple into his mouth and as he slides his hand up between her legs. Her head falls back against her Dom’s shoulder, and she moans softly with pleasure.

My breath hitches, and my eyes widen.
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I was there when he told her the rules, and I couldn’t believe how eagerly she accepted them. She wants to please him. She craves his authority and his conditions. It’s a dynamic that’s foreign to me. I’d only met Bruce once before this. They seem like an average enough couple. But this is different. Much different. Here in Club X, he’s the master of Carla’s world


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👍Worth reading

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