Peter Thiel

    Simon Dunlophas quoted2 years ago
    CREATIVE MONOPOLY means new products that benefit everybody and sustainable profits for the creator. Competition means no profits for anybody, no meaningful differentiation, and a struggle for survival
    Amerika Amerikahas quoted2 years ago
    2. A bad plan is better than no plan
    Bagushas quotedlast year
    Strong men believe in cause and effect
    Bakhyt Yerzhanovhas quotedlast year
    the battles are so fierce because the stakes are so small.
    Simon Dunlophas quoted2 years ago
    The confusion comes from a universal bias for describing market conditions in self-serving ways: both monopolists and competitors are incentivized to bend the truth.
    Simon Dunlophas quoted2 years ago
    Non-monopolists tell the opposite lie: “we’re in a league of our own.” Entrepreneurs are always biased to understate the scale of competition, but that is the biggest mistake a startup can make. The fatal temptation is to describe your market extremely narrowly so that you dominate it by definition.
    Simon Dunlophas quoted2 years ago
    All Rhodes Scholars had a great future in their past.
    Simon Dunlophas quoted2 years ago
    Exposing what is mortal and unsure
    To all that fortune, death, and danger dare,
    Even for an eggshell. Rightly to be great
    Is not to stir without great argument,
    But greatly to find quarrel in a straw
    When honor’s at the stake.
    For Hamlet, greatness means willingness to fight for reasons as thin as an eggshell: anyone would fight for things that matter; true heroes take their personal honor so seriously they will fight for things that don’t matter. This twisted logic is part of human nature, but it’s disastrous in business. If you can recognize competition as a destructive force instead of a sign of value, you’re already more sane than most
    Simon Dunlophas quoted2 years ago
    If you focus on near-term growth above all else, you miss the most important question you should be asking: will this business still be around a decade from now? Numbers alone won’t tell you the answer; instead you must think critically about the qualitative characteristics of your business
    Simon Dunlophas quoted2 years ago
    Every monopoly is unique, but they usually share some combination of the following characteristics: proprietary technology, network effects, economies of scale, and branding
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