Mike Gayle

I was born in the 70s — the 70s were great. I would recommend them to anyone.I was also born in Birmingham — in my humble opinion the greatest city in the world with the nicest people too.I used to live in London — a great city too. But a bit on the pricey side.I also used to live in Manchester — another great city (although technically I lived in Salford which is next door but that’s sort of splitting hairs).Before I went to university I wanted to be a social worker — I have no idea why. It didn’t last long.After I left university I wanted to write for the NME — I’ve always loved music but it was only when I went to uni that it started loving me back. I can’t play any instruments or sing so writing about music seemed to make sense.My first paid writing gig was for a listings magazine in Birmingham — (Actually my first unpaid writing gig was an interview with Kitchens of Distinction for Salford Student Magazine. I can’t begin to tell you how terrible it was.)I used to write a music fanzine — it was called Incredibly Inedible and I co-edited it with my mate Jackie. We typed up the first issue on my dad’s olde worlde typewriter and then literally cut and paste on to A4 sheets using scissors and glue. Over the three years of its existence we interviewed many bands and artists including: Smashing Pumpkins, The Cranberries, Pavement, Bill Hicks and Blur.



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