Natasha Madison

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    “Are you fucking stalking me? Did you follow me here?” I whip my head around to look at him.

    Just my luck. It’s the asshat from this morning, the one who hit me. Except now, the asshat is sitting behind the desk, the desk that, apparently, belongs to my new temporary boss.

    ☠️☠️ that asshat is your future husband bish

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    She folds her arms under her breasts, unnecessarily pushing them up. Fuck. I can’t stop the mental image of her standing there, arms crossed under her tits, in nothing but her shoes.

    She's your- anyway who am I to judge 💀

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    Fine,” I huff out, “I’m sorry I accused you of being drunk. I should have just called you what you are—a reckless, clueless female driver.”

    Lauren stands there glaring at me as Barbara yells, “I quit!” This must shock Lauren, because she immediately goes to Barbara and strokes her back. “Oh, no. No, no, no. Please, really, it’s fine. It’s totally okay. I accept his apology.” She aims a glare at me. “I understand now why so many women left, he’s a...” She leans in and whispers in Barbara’s ear. I don’t know what she says, but they both snicker. Great, just great.


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    She has no idea that I’m sitting here negotiating with myself about my own rule. I’m not sure how I’m going to get anything done, because fucking her on my desk is the only thing I can think of that needs to be done right now


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    please’ and ‘thank you.’ Three words. Very easily said, and they make a world of difference in any interaction.
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    all the while praying that I will actually get through the day without poisoning him.

    But you shouldn't poison him 😭 he's hot

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    Why can’t your husband get them?” I hold my breath as I wait for her answer. My stomach starts to burn, my chest tightening at the thought of her going home to someone. Then, just like the she-devil she is, she glares at me.

    “I’m divorced,

    Awwww looks like someone's jealous 💀🤌

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    “You like him?”

    My eyes snap open as I turn to her. “No! No, I don’t. Absolutely not. I don’t like him at all.”

    She giggles as she takes another sip. “He hit my freaking car, Kay, and then the asshat asked me if I was drunk,” I plead my case. “Drunk at fucking eight a.m.”

    “He’s gotten under your skin! There hasn’t been anyone who’s pushed you this far.
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    “You think we can get a dog and train him to bite my boss?”

    “Yes, I think you just need to bring a picture and a sweater with you to training school so they can use his scent. They’ll train the dog to attack your boss as soon as he gets close.”

    Gurrrlll 😭😭

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    “It’s when one girl has more than one lover.”
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