Jeanne Willis

Jeanne Willis was born in St Albans and trained as an advertising copywriter at Watford College. She worked for various agencies creating press adverts and TV, cinema and radio commercials. She is now a full-time writer and has published over 80 books. Her hobbies include gardening, reading (non-fiction), natural history and collecting caterpillars. Jeanne has also worked on scripts for TV, including POLLY POCKET and THE SLOW NORRIS, and a pilot TV series for DR XARGLE. She lives in North London with her husband and two children.



b2541247989has quoted2 years ago
The cub stepped out of the shelter and blinked in the sunlight. He gazed in disbelief at all the fallen trees. He hardly recognized the place.

“Oh, Aunt Lucy,” he sighed. “I hope that earthquake hasn’t broken our marmalade jars. Uncle Pastuzo will be furious.”

“Let’s go home and see if he’s there,” said Aunt Lucy quietly, limping off.
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