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If there is a number of planets or different signs (as in the case of an intercepted house) in the 7th, the issue can become very confusing because we are looking for so many different kinds of attributes in a partner. For example, should a woman have both Saturn and Uranus in the 7th, she is seeking someone to offer stability and security (Saturn) and yet at the same time she needs someone who is unpredictable, exciting and highly individualistic (Uranus). These two sets of qualities hardly live comfortably together in one person. She may marry Saturn first, become dreadfully restless and bored, meet someone Uranian and file for a divorce. Or she may remain married to Saturn and have an affair with Uranus. Or she may marry Uranus first, divorce
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him on account of his unstable and erratic character, and then breathing a sigh of relief settle down safely with Saturn. Or, if she is somewhat more psychologically mature, she can marry Saturn and find ways which are unthreatening to the relationship to satisfy her need for Uranus, or even develop it more in herself. Or she can marry a Uranian man and provide the Saturnian security herself in the partnership
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Saturn there could indicate a union based on duty and obligation.
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