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bernsamhas quotedlast year
peace can come only from the truth, even if the people don’t want to see it.
bernsamhas quoted10 months ago
think we all felt the imperious need to be held, to be loved, to be consoled.
Alfonso Santiagohas quoted2 years ago
were ten, at most twenty years older than me. Yet they appeared to have lost those feminine qualities that were so important to us girls and that we accentuated with clothes, with makeup. They had been consumed by the bodies of husbands, fathers, brothers, whom they ultimately came to resemble, because of their labors or the arrival of old age, of illness. When did that transformation begin? With housework? With pregnancies? With beatings? Would Lila be misshapen like Nunzia? Would Fernando leap from her delicate face, would her elegant walk become Rino’s, legs wide, arms pushed out by his chest? And would my body, too, one day be ruined by the emergence of not only my mother’s body but
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