John Bantin

After a 25 year career as a successful advertising photographer and television commercials director, John Bantin took a year off to go scuba diving. One thing lead to another and his life took on a major change. He worked for a short time as a dive guide on a pioneering liveaboard dive boat in the Red Sea in 1992, he also ran a dive centre in the Mediterranean before settling down to become Technical Editor of the long-established Diver magazine in the UK. Since then he has spent more than twenty years travelling the world, diving in all the best places, and writing about his adventures and experiences. He has also been published in the USA in Undercurrent magazine and in Scandinavia in DYK.
Bantin is today’s most engaging writer about the underwater world. He gets behind the scenes of terrible tragedies, applies his great wit to his own travels and travails, and explores the unusual, the bizarre and the extreme from beneath the sea.


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