Kaiylah Muhammad

Kaiylah NyQuinn Muhammad was born on March 25, 1993 in Columbus, Ohio. She is the oldest of 3 siblings and her mother had her at the age of 15. Because her mother was a single mom who worked a majority of the time, Kaiylah spent most of her time with her Nana Feesa. Kaiylah used to play dress up in her nana's clothes and do fashion shows for her nana in her aunt's basement. When Kaiylah was 8 years old she had a dream that her Nana Feesa had died, and a week later her dream became a tragic reality. To cope with her nana's death Kaiylah obsessively wrote in her spare time. She would write songs, poems, stories, diary entries and what she later found out were memoirs. Kaiylah also turned to music to help her deal with dark times. She recalls spending hours in her room dancing in the mirror and listening to music, putting on performances for her little brothers around the house when her mother was gone, and posting videos on social networks of her singing and rapping. Kaiylah is now the author of 3 books and frequently performs at open mic nights. She loves to volunteer for Salvation Army and Faith Mission. She also is passionate about helping women who have been sexually abused. She spoke at a Women's Conference at The Vineyard and opened up about being sexually abused by her father. Kaiylah is a woman of many gifts and will not let anything or anyone stop her from expressing herself and sharing her experiences with the world.


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