Paul Stuart Hayes

Paul Stuart Hayes

Paul Stuart Hayes was born and raised in South London, where he eventually scraped through enough GCSEs to gain work as a printer at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. He would remain connected to the Ministry of Defence and the print industry for the following fourteen years. Desiring a change, he emigrated to Ireland in 2003, which is where he now lives, happily married, with two children.Paul has always had a fondness for writing. In his school days he wrote a story about Doctor Who (a passion that he still hasn’t managed to grow out of). Even though he was only required to complete a couple of pages, the story ended up filling half of the exercise book, which thankfully no longer exists. Sherlock Holmes (not to mention the other works penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) has been with Paul from a very early age, his father being responsible for introducing him to the great detective. As a result, it seemed perfectly logical that when he first tried his hand at writing, he would turn to Conan Doyle’s greatest creation. ‘Requiem for Sherlock Holmes’ was written over a five year period, and was researched in great detail to ensure that it captured the world and characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in an authentic fashion. It is now available from Lulu and Amazon sites around the world.
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