Garrett Stevens

Garrett Stevens is the premier natural dog trainer in the South Sound area of Washington state. Owner of the award winning, Alpha & Omega dog training, he is a highly sought after behavioral rescource. The Garrett Stevens method of natural relational rehab achieves outstanding results without the use of food bribery or harsh handling tactics. He emphasizes connection through canine communication efficiently utilizing a dog's sense of touch and space. He fashions himself a dog disciple rather than a follower of the crowd.

Garrett is a nerd for animals and a lover of nature. He is fortunate enough to call himself husband to one of the world's true beauties and blessed enough to call himself father to three terrific and tenacious kiddos (with another one arriving soon) and two exceptional boxers (who help him daily in his work with dog aggressive dogs).
Garrett is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur in love with life. Like the legendary sasquatch, he resides in the moist and mossy Pacific Northwest.
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