Jeffery Colby

In his pursuit of happiness, Jeffery Colby seeks joy in the simple treasures in life. One of them would be building relationships that last. As such, he believes that parents can spend quality time with their children together and bond in ways one can never imagine. Driven by this desire, Jeffery endeavors to create engaging, highly imaginative, humourous, inspirational books for children where the visuals and content in his book can create an impact in the imaginative minds of children. Similarly, Jeffery believes that parents can rekindle that childlikeness in themselves, to bring to remembrance a belief they once had: that this world is still a beautiful place. Jeffery sees that Fantastical story, with its highly-imaginative setting, can interest and intrigue children while at the same time teaching them good morals, instilling important values like love and respect which seem to be lost in today's hustle and bustle environment. This is what his book "Sniff Walter & The Freaky Cockroach" can do for your kids.


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