Katie Davis

Katie Davis's books, published by Harcourt, S&S, HarperCollins, and Diversion Books, have sold over 755,000 copies, and both How to Write a Children's Book and How to Promote Your Children's Book, her two self-published books launched at #1 on Amazon.How to Create Your Author Platform (and Market Your Books without Being Pushy), Video Idiot Boot Camp, and Picture Book Summit (the largest and first online conference of its kind) are three "authorpreneur" she has created to support authors. You can find them at http://www.howtocreateyourauthorplatf..., http://www.videoidiotbootcamp.com, and http://www.picturebooksummit.com respectively.  Her podcast, Brain Burps About Books, is available on iTunes or http://www.katiedavis.com and has over 200 interviews and tips of writer-related interest. Katie is now the director of the Institute of Children's Literature and Institute for Writers, which provides college credits for writing courses for both adult and children's books.Katie has been honored to speak everywhere from a maximum security prison, to elementary schools, to university level, including UCONN and Yale, and has keynoted conferences and fundraising galas.



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