Duncan McGeary

I've lived in Bend, Oregon my whole life (which is becoming increasing rare in this boom town.) After the U of O, I wrote Star Axe, Snowcastles and Icetowers. While trying to write full time, I started filling in at a local book/comic book store, Pegasus Books. Eventually, I became full time and then manager, and then 30 years ago, I bought the store.My wife opened her used bookstore, The Bookmark, ten years ago and is also writing these days. She has a book online called, Telling Tree, which is wonderful, and will publish her the second book of her trilogy, Once on a Blue Moon.I have two sons, Todd, an artist, and Toby, a chef.So my writing career took a back seat while I tried to keep the store alive and raise a family.In the last few years, the store has become stable enough that I've been able to come back to writing and I've been writing like crazy.I've just sold a four book deal to Books of the Dead Press. Led to the Slaughter has been released e-book and will soon be available in print form on Amazon. I also sold a trilogy, The Vampire Evolution, which consists of Death of An Immortal; Rule of Vampire; and Blood of Gold.I've been very busy, with several other books in the works.I hope you guys will check out my books. I try to make them entertaining and fast reads.
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