Julian Ruck

I am the author of the "Ragged Cliffs" Trilogy, legal thriller "The Bent Brief" and "The Silver Songsters". I am also a journalist and columnist,weekly guest writer for Westminster's influential Labour Uncut, and make contributions to both Welsh and national broadcasting and media. My latest novel "The Silver Songsters" is being released on 18th April 2014 (see website for further details). The novel is to be WHSmith's "Book of the Month" in May 2014. Steve Allen (Leading Britain's Conversation) has described the novel as "a fascinating read". "The Silver Songsters" is inspired by a true story. In 1938, my father in law, Iltyd John Loveluck, was Britain’s top boy soprano. He toured the country, performing with the likes of Tommy Handley, Billy Cotton, Ken ‘Snakehips’ Jonson and his West Indian Band, Max Wall and Gracie Fields. It was hearing his story – the places he played and the people he met - that inspired me to write the book. In April 2014, The Daily Express published a feature on the true events which underscore the novel, commenting that "the meteoric rise of "Britain's Greatest Boy Soprano" back in the mid-1930's rivalled that of any X Factor overnight sensation." The full feature can be accessed via my website.


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