Kitty McKay

While acting as the Japanese interpreter for a joint-venture fishing enterprise in Alaska, I found myself dangerously adrift in a rubber raft, drenched by a wind-whipped Bering Sea while being circled by a pod of Orca on the hunt. Only months later, I was bathing in a warm ocean and cooking over campfires, living in a tent on a remote beach on the island of Lanai, being initiated in ancient bodywork techniques by a Hawaiian Kahuna. Years later, I served in Hawaii and Tahoe as right hand for a Chinese Grandmaster of Qi Gong, even driving the “getaway” car—making sure not to look in the rearview mirror—after “ghost-busting” sessions that cleared people’s haunted homes.These adventures (and more) stretched my worldview. Yet the sudden death of my beloved life mate, when I was forty-one and our two kids were just seven years and eighteen months old, deepened me beyond. While breathing through each raw minute in a world without him, I discovered the place where love speaks from the stillness between. And now through my writing and speaking, you can open the connection and live contentedly from your BIG self. Breathing in bold...your remedy to a mad dash through life.


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