Stitchy McYarnpants

Debbie Brisson, a.k.a. Stitchy McYarnpants was born to be a knitter. Her parents met at Pandora, a sweater mill set on the Merrimack River in Manchester, NH. She is powerless against knitting. Add to that her love for all things vintage, the kitschier the better, and you've got a good look at what makes her tick. If it's goofy, mostly useless, and steeped in the irony of popular culture's most embarrassing moments, she'll take two. Stitchy is the creator and curator of the Museum of Kitschy Stitches, an online ( and in print gallery of notorious knits.When she isn't knitting, sewing or trying to resist the siren's call of eBay, she can be found slaving away in the software mines of Massachusetts.


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