Alan Sillitoe

Alan Sillitoe was an English writer, one of the "Angry Young Men" of the 1950s (although he, in common with most of the other writers to whom the label was applied, had never welcomed it).For more see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Sil...



Regina Del ríohas quoted2 years ago
He felt electric light bulbs shining and burning into the back of his head, and sensed in the opening and closing flash of a second that his mind and body were entirely separate entities inconsiderately intent on going their different ways.
Regina Del ríohas quoted2 years ago
Bliss and guilt joined forces in such a way that they caused no trouble but merely sunk his mind into a welcome nonchalance.
Regina Del ríohas quoted2 years ago
actions without thought so that all through the day you filled your mind with vivid and more agreeable pictures than those round about.
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