Lisa Brackman

Lisa Brackman, aka Lisa Brackmann, has worked as an executive at a major motion picture studio, an issues researcher in a presidential campaign, and the singer/songwriter/bassist in an LA rock band. She still takes pride in her karaoke-ready repertoire of bad pop hits and an embarrassing number of show tunes. A Southern California native, she lives in Venice CA, and has lived and traveled extensively in China.Brackman's debut novel, YEAR OF THE TIGER (ROCK PAPER TIGER), set on the fringes of the Chinese art world, made several "Best of 2010" lists, including Amazon's Top 100 Novels and Top 10 Mystery/Thrillers, and was nominated for the Strand Magazine Critics Award for Best First Novel. Her second novel is DAY OF THE DEAD (GETAWAY), a thriller set in Mexico, which has been chosen as an Amazon Best Novel of the Month. She's published by Soho Press in the US and HarperCollins in the UK. Please visit my other page here, Lisa Brackmann, for friending purposes—we'll be merging these accounts as soon as it's possible!


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