Tyrone Tony Reed Jr.

Inspired as a child by Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent, a go-getter reporter at The Daily Planet, Tyrone Tony Reed Jr.’s writing career began in his teen years.He was a Teen Panelist for The Commercial Appeal, in Memphis, Tenn., for two years and a reporter for The Teen Appeal newspaper, also in Memphis, for three years.While earning his journalism degree at Franklin College in Franklin, Ind., Reed held several positions on the college's newspaper, The Franklin.Reed also worked as a crime reporter for four years, during which time he won two Tennessee Associated Press Managing Editors awards, a State Press Award from The University of Tennessee/ Tennessee Press Association and two Award(s) of Excellence for the newspaper he reported for.He is now a freelance writer, whose first and second novels in the S.O.L.A.D.™: Soldiers of Light Against Darkness™ are now available. He is now working on the third and fourth novels in the S.O.L.A.D.™ series.Reed can be reached for an interview at ttreed2009@hotmail.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AreYouaSoldier or www.facebook.com/soladchronicles, on Twitter at @TyroneTonyReed or on his wwbsite at http://ttreed2009.wix.com/tyronetonyr....
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