Leslie Feinberg

American, butch lesbian and transgender activist, communist, and author.
years of life: 1 September 1949 15 November 2014


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I was looking at her while she was talking, thinking to myself thatl’m a stranger in this woman’s eyes. She’s looking at me but she doesn’t see me.
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It’s OK to breathe, you know.” We laughed real hard, together.

Then I felt her body move closer and we kind of melted together. I discovered all the sweet surprises a femme can give a butch: her hand on the back of my neck, open on my shoulder, or balled up like a fist. The feel of her belly and thighs against mine. Her lips almost touching my ear.

The music stopped and she started to pull away.

I held her hand gently. “Please?” I asked.

“Honey,” she laughed, “you just said the magic word.”
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was forever changed.
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