Dan Mooney

  • b9876219186has quoted2 years ago
    It’s just outside, feel the fear, do it regardless
  • Afroz Afrozhas quoted2 years ago
    Denis made sure that he smiled and showed his manners as often as possible, to compensate for the irritation of having to individually wrap a teaspoon in a serviette, or pick up money from the counter-top and place the change back without simply handing it over.
  • Alina ❤️has quoted2 years ago
    like a rebel who refused to bend to authority
  • Azura Okhas quoted2 years ago
    a steady kind of rhythm that drowned out thoughts.
  • Izzyhas quoted4 months ago
    I remember when you weren’t afraid of your own shadow. It’s just outside, feel the fear, do it regardless.


  • Marhas quotedlast year
    Denis was confident that if it did rain, the deluge would fall more or less directly on top of him alone, like some kind of sad cartoon character.
  • Marhas quotedlast year
    he could almost feel his soul shrivel up inside him.
  • Marhas quotedlast year
    People are idiots.”

    “Agreed. But we persevere.”
  • b3822779294has quotedlast year
    feel the fear, do it regardless
  • Soliloquios Literarioshas quoted9 months ago
    Nothing to be afraid of,’ he told himself. ‘It’s just outside.’

    The words were supposed to be a comfort to him, but a small voice in the back of his head quietly reminded him that they were a lie.
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