Sharon Kendrick

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    . Do you know the Vinoly Hotel?’ he questioned coolly.

    ‘I’ve heard of it.’

    ‘Meet me there at six—in the Bay Room bar
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    In fact, she took all the advice that Alicia offered and let her put two coats of mascara onto her eyelashes and to coat her lips in an extravagant-looking gloss.
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    What a nightmare it had been trying to manoeuvre the cumbersome vehicle around the village green, while all the regulars had stood outside The Duchess of Cambridge, shaking with laughter.
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    didn’t say that!’
    ‘Oh, you didn’t?’ His eyes widened, like a cat’s. ‘That is exactly what I wanted to hear, bella mia,’ he murmured. He dropped the bags to the pavement, pulled her into his arms, and Natasha found herself being almost lifted against the hard, muscular length of his body. With a low laugh of what sounded like triumph he raised his hand to catch hold of her beautifully cut hair, winding his fingers through its silken depths and bringing it towards him so that her gasping face was lifted to his.
    ‘What is it, mia bella?’ he taunted. ‘You want me to kiss you? Is that it?’
    She opened her mouth to say no, but the word never came—and, if it had, it would have been a lie. Maybe he knew that—just as he seemed to know the precise moment to crush his lips down against hers in a powerful kiss that was about possession as much as passion, like a man staking his claim.
    Was it because she had not been kissed by a man for so long that Natasha reacted so completely and instinctively to Raffaele’s kiss—or was it simply Raffaele effect?
    Whatever lay behind it, all Natasha knew was that she seemed powerless to do anything other than close her eyes and open her lips and submit to the sweet, heady pressure. Her
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    And when it happened for him she watched him too—drinking in his face greedily as she imprinted each reaction on her memory.
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    would rather smother him in his sleep than share his bed for lovemaking
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    like the first time—but now it was different. Now it was a virtuoso performance. Never had he taken so much care with a woman as he thrust all the way inside her—but then, never had the weight of such responsibility lain so heavy on his shoulders.

    He found himself being gentle with her—an odd and unfamiliar kind of gentleness which made what was taking place
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    ‘She sounds like an amazing woman,’ she said.

    ‘She is.’ The words I should like you to meet her hung unsaid on the air. For, no matter how true they were, how could he possibly utter them in the circumstances?

    Sienna was quiet for a moment.
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    ‘Then go. Let me arrange it.’

    ‘Hashim—you don’t seem to understand!’ she said frustratedly. ‘I have existing contracts to fulfil. And the phone hasn’t stopped ringing with work requests—I’ve never been so popular. I think it’s the curiosity factor,’ she added acidly. ‘Having your party planned by a so-called “Glamour Model.”
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    “My sister Yasmine, the bride who is getting married in one month. I thought I made that clear. That is why I’m here. To hire you to plan her wedding.”

    Carolyn stared at him. “I see.” But she didn’t see, not really. What kind of a woman would trust her brother to plan her wedding? She told herself it didn’t matter. She’d agreed to plan it and it was immaterial
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