K. Bromberg

  • Deza Diegohas quotedlast year
    I can’t make him suffer more because of his loyalty to me. I can’t force him to endure whatever hell happens in his house simply because I need him.
  • b7919436145has quotedlast year
    “And if I stay, you won’t take those chances you need to take. You’ll hold yourself back because of me. You’ll pick a college where you think there’s a music scene for me instead of one that’s best for you
  • b7919436145has quotedlast year
    “And your ego is still as big as Texas.”

    Among other things.
  • Chynna Jeal Odatohas quoted2 months ago
    “This body has changed some, though.”

    “So has mine. More scars. More tattoos. More—”

  • Ziane Keixahhas quoted5 months ago
    “Your different is your beautiful,
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